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We offer a wide variety of pharmaceutical grade supplements for weight loss, pain, inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, memory loss, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and many, many more! 
These pharmaceutical grade supplements
can only be purchased through a physician.

*Arthro-Mend with MSM- $45 (180 tablets) & $25 (90 tablets)Arthro-Mend with MSM is popular choice for people who want to optimize joint mobility.
Helps support and maintain healthy joints. (For osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease).
(Do not take this product if you have sulfur sensitivity.
Drug Interactions: MAO Inhibitors and Neuroleptic drugs).
*Cal-Mag 2000- $16 
(Citrate increases bioavailability)
A highly absorbable dual source calcium formula with synergistic magnesium in a 2:1 ratio plus D3. A popular choice by doctors for nutritional support for maintaining healthy bones. Also shown to help Restless Leg Syndrome.

Formulated with specific female needs in mind. It supplies 1000 mg of elemental calcium from whole bone extract that is specially processed with low temperature lyophilization.


Formulated with 1000 mg. of elemental calcium from microcrystalline hydroxyapatite complex that is processed via special low temperature lyophilization.

*CardiOmega-$45 (120 capsules)Pharmaceutical grade fish oil for heart health. Highly concentrated EPA/DHA natural fish oil supplement. A special molecular distillation process is used to remove toxins and cholesterol. EPA & DHA Omega-3 fatty acids can be one of the most valuable supplements to your diet and exercise program. Studies also show EPA & DHA to exhibit anti-inflammatory activity. 
Drug Interactions: Anti-coagulants, such as heparin and coumadin/warfarin).
*Cholestol Gold- $38 
About 20-30% of cholesterol comes from food, and about 70-80% is made in the liver. Cholestol Gold helps support healthy cholesterol levels by blocking uptake of cholesterol from the diet and reducing its production. (May take 3 to 4 months for significant reduction on laboratory tests). (Do not take this product if you are pregnant).
A powerful antioxidant formula designed to support the cells of the body with energy production. Co-Q10 energizes cells, increasing stamina and endurance through the activation of ATP. Co-Q10 production is blocked by medications like Zocor, reducing cellular oxygenation. (There is one report of Co-Q10 decreasing the effectiveness of warfarin).

*Flax Oil capsules-$18 
Flax Oil is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Flax oil also contains some Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids, making it a comprehensive fatty acid supplement. Ideal for those who poorly tolerate fish oil supplements. (Alternative if allergic/sensitive to fish oil).

The liver produces 70-80% of total serum cholesterol through the action of enzyme HMG-CoA reductase. The ingredients in LipiDyne inhibit the action of HMG-CoA reductase in the liver, resulting in lower cholesterol levels. LipiDyne is safe and effective without the side effects of cholesterol lowering drugs.

*Pure Gar-$27 (100% odorless garlic)Derived from 100% pure garlic with all the vitamins, minerals and allicin of fresh garlic, without the odor. Only the moisture is removed, making this formula two and a half times more potent than whole garlic. Garlic is well known for its cardiovascular and immune support benefits.
*Vascu-Flow Powder- $40
306 GR-30 packets/box High-potency combination of magnesium, arginine and pomegranate with other supportive nutrients that promote healthy vascular tissue, normal blood flow and higher energy levels. Vascu-Flow is a great tasting orange-flavored powder that can be mixed with water or juice. Each dose comes in an individually sealed packet that is ideal for people on the go. (Vasodilatory effect may also benefit erectile dysfunction).
(Do not take this product if you have renal failure or hyperkalemia. Drug Interactions: Magnesium may decrease the absorption of bisphonates & quinolones). This product can lower your blood pressure and should be monitored closely.


Magnesium is involved in many metabolic processes. It is necessary for proper functioning of the nerves and muscles, including those of the heart, where it is integral to the muscle action that reverses the contractions, allowing for relaxation.


Pressu-Norm is an herbal combination supporting already healthy blood pressure levels.

*Prep/Tonic Detox Program- $95  
Provides a mild cleansing of the body’s digestive and related systems. Gives a mild energy boost and prepares the body for further nutritional therapy. Contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, galatomannan (dietary fiber), acidophilus, and several herbal systemic cleansers and detoxifiers. 10-day program.

Digestive problems affect over 62 million adults in this country alone. Supplementing the diet with Digest-Zyme supports more complete digestion by replacing enzymes that may have been destroyed in food preparation. (Acid reflux and indigestion).


A comprehensive supplement that assists in the liver and gallbladder relationship. Bilezymase is ideal for people that want support for digesting fats.

*Energi-$ 27 
Enhances natural energy production at a cellular level, supporting physical and mental functions essential for energy and alertness. Provides short-term boost as well as long term metabolic cellular energy.
Eye Health
Provides nutrients that help maintain healthy eye tissue. Aids circulation to the tiny capillaries of the eyes. Supplies needed nutrients to the delicate eye tissues. Good nutrition has been connected with optimal vision.

*Clear Vision Plus Lutein-$37                        

This Chinese formula plus Lutein promotes good circulation in the tissues of the eyes.

A balanced glandular formula that provides supportive nutrients for a healthy female endocrine system. (Alternative: Avoid caffeine, sugar and saturated fats 10 days prior to your cycle).
*ProEstron- $32 
Since 1995, ProEstron has combined the soothing power of six standardized plant extracts to support women’s health and alleviate symptoms associated with life’s natural transitions (i.e. menopause).
*Pro Fem II-$28                        

A rich source of nutrients that provide phytoestrogens. Soy products are some of the best sources of phytoestrogens.

*Profeminell Cream-$30                        

Profeminell Cream is a cream made with naturally occurring plant constituents that provide soothing support during the cycles and changes of a woman’s life.

*Female Menopause-$37                        

Designed for the support of women experiencing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, and headaches as well as nervousness and sleep disturbances.

*Adrena-Plex- $22 
Provides nutritional support for the endocrine glands, which are associated with stress-related conditions. Controlled and uniform release of nutrients over a four hour period make it ideal during extended periods of stress. (Always tired? Adrena-Plex increases energy levels & helps you handle stressful periods. Also great in combination with Vitamin B6).
*Adrenal 100 Cortex 75- $27 
Raw adrenal concentrate (not an extract) of bovine source processed in a unique freeze dried process to maintain integrity.
*Kidney Helper- $33 
Provides herbal support to the kidneys.
*Liver Detox Plus Silymarin- $29 
A liver stimulant that activates, tones and supports the liver & kidneys. The addition of Silymarin makes it a perfect anti-toxin, and significantly affects response.
*Immu-Forte- $20 
The nutrients in Immu-Forte support the body’s defense system at times when staying healthy is most important. Immu-Forte is specially formulated to support the upper respiratory system. Ideal for year around protection. (2 capsules/day as maintenance during cold and flu season, or up to 12 capsules/day for 3-4 days if you feel a cold/flu coming on). (Do not take this product if you are pregnant. Drug Interactions: Immunosuppressants, Cyclosporine & Corticosteroids).

*Zinc Lozenges- $15 
Zinc is an element necessary for proper growth and wound healing. It has been found to reduce the duration of the common cold. The combination of supportive factors Vitamin C, Echinacea and Bee Propolis, makes Zinc Lozenges the perfect choice.


The approach to treating allergies is twofold. First, remove or avoid known allergens. Second, nutritionally support the body’s defense mechanism. Allerstop supports the immune system against allergic reactions to allergens.


An all-natural supplement that supports the thyroid and its function. Contains special plant cellulose fibers under the "Sol U Tab" process and are completely solubilized. Also has a special pH sensitive coating that allows nutrients to be released in the intestinal tract.


Formulated to supply nutritional support to the immune system, this product provides glandular tissue concentrates from thymus and spleen. Vitamins C and A, plus the mineral Zinc are added for additional support. Also contains the enzymes Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase.

*Zinc Picolinate Plus-$15                     

Zinc plays a vital role in the immune system and is for proper growth, wound healing, sexual maturation, and vision. Ensure that daily requirements of this essential mineral are met with this balanced zinc supplement


Helps maintain healthy levels of L-lysine. The L-lysine in this product is a specially prepared, high purity, free form amino acid, free of allergy-causing residues.

*Co-Resist-$30, 90 Tablets

Designed to help natural defenses during the cold and flu season.

*Sinus Allergi-$37, 60 Capsules

Designed to support healthy function of sinuses and respiratory tract. This is an ephedra-free formula. Targeting both symptoms and cause, it’s formulated to contain herbs that support the immune system.

*Viral Aid-$29, 60 Capsules

This Chinese formula has been used for over 1800 years for supporting the body’s natural defenses. Best results are seen when taken at the onset. This formula also supports energy levels, often a problem after illness.

*5-HTP- $40 
Designed to promote restful sleep. 5-HTP provides a natural way to supplement the body’s supply of the amino acid tryptophan, which can be a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin that relates to sleep. This soothing product may help to normalize nerve cell function. (Alternative: Nutra-Calm).
(Do not take this product if you are taking MAO Inhibitors. Also, research shows that both tryptophan, and even more so 5-HTP, increase the activity of tricyclic antidepressants and selective seratonin inhibitor (SSRI) drugs, such as Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, etc. Therefore, tryptophan & 5-HTP should only be used by anyone taking any of these drugs ONLY with their prescribing physician’s consent and supervision).

*Sleep Eaze- $27 
Designed to promote relaxation that can lead to normal, healthy sleep. It has no drug action, but helps one drift off to sleep and awaken refreshed.
*Hemo-Plex- $20 
Ferrochel™, a patented form of iron glycine amino acid chelate, was developed using state of the art technology. It is a true amino acid chelate that has demonstrated superior bioavailability. Hemo-Plex has been formulated to control the slow release of Ferrochel iron over a period of four hours. This controlled and uniform release reduces potential for shock to the system. Hemo-Plex is a gentle form of iron supplement. Regular use can enhance the levels of needed iron in the blood, while the likelihood of constipation is less than other forms of iron supplements.
(Use this product only with laboratory diagnosed iron deficiency, and with consent & close supervision by your primary care physician).
*Prosta-Flow- $20 
Contains Beta-Sitosterol, plus other synergistic key nutrients that help support a healthy prostate. (2 capsules/day as a maintenance dose helps reduce the inflammation associated with BPH and other inflammatory prostate issues).
*Andro-Plex- $25 
Contains specific glandular tissue and other nutrients that are helpful in supporting the male endocrine system. Andro-Plex also has a special pH-sensitive coating that allows nutrients to be released in the intestinal tract.
*Nutritional Foundation- $35 (180 capsules) & $20 (90 capsules)  Nutritional Foundation is more than a good multiple vitamin and mineral formula. The minerals are special functional chelates that guarantee better absorption, greater tolerance and enhanced physiological benefits. A complete digestive aid and the addition of whole food concentrates make this formula a true nutritional foundation.
*Super-Kids- $20 
A great tasting chewable multiple vitamin, multiple mineral complex. It is formulated especially for children.

*Multi Plus-$34, 90 Tablets

A complete pattern of easily absorbable vitamins and minerals, five digestive enzymes, free form amino acids, and glandular proteins.

*Multi-Plex-$27, 60 Tablets

A comprehensive high-potency multiple vitamin, multiple mineral complex that provides essential vitamins and minerals in one easy- to-swallow tablet.

*Proteo Plus- $40 (180 tablets) & $15 (60 tablets) 
Naturally supports the body during stressful times when pain and inflammation are present. The ingredients in this unique formula are protected by a Dual Phase release system. Phase 1 involves reducing both pain & inflammation (NSAIDS never progress beyond this phase) and Phase 2 involves the release of proteolytic enzymes that promote the healing process. The ingredients best utilized in the upper gastrointestinal tract are released first (Phase 1), while the enzymes are protected by a special coating and are not released until they reach the optimal lower gastrointestinal tract (Phase 2). This unique delivery system has made Proteo Plus the number one recommended choice by doctors for over three decades. Recommended for soft tissue injuries, inflammatory phase of an injury, peripheral neuropathy and many more indications.(Do not take this product if you have aspirin sensitivity or if you are pregnant).
*Nutra-Mend with MSM- $20  Specially formulated for those looking for optimum nutrition during the healing and rehabilitation phase following an injury. Helps support the body while the body responds to needs for healing injured muscles, tendons and ligaments. Nutra-Mend w/MSM is designed to support tissue and its elasticity.
*Liga-Mend- $30 
Formulated to provide nutritional support during the rehabilitation phase following tissue and joint trauma.
*Traumazyme- $20
Designed for nutritional support while healthcare providers address soft tissue injury and related joint/connective tissue problems. It provides four enteric-coated enzymes, White Willow Bark, bioflavonoids, vitamins, minerals and other supportive factors.
(75% of your immunity comes from your gut)

*Nutra Biotic- $13 (Refrigerate)
Provides a special blend of 5 specially chosen strains of probiotics plus a prebiotic fiber designed to promote a healthy bacterial balance in the intestinal tract. Nutra Biotic supplies 10 billion probiotic microorganisms per serving. The prebiotic Frutafit Inulin Fiber provides a nutritional source that enables probiotics and beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract to become established and thrive. Inulin also supports bone health by increasing absorption of calcium and other minerals such as magnesium. Evidence suggests that supplemental probiotics are useful for digestive support, immune/anti-inflammatory support, cardiovascular support, normalizing healthy gut flora, supporting bowel regularity and enhancing nutrient absorption.
*Supreme Probiotics-$22, 60 Caplets

Probiotics can be helpful for restoring or maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal flora. Gut flora affects your body’s ability for digestion of various foods, supports a healthy immune system, and affects the rate of metabolism. As we age, gut flora becomes increasingly important for comfortable, efficient digestion. Probiotics can be an important dietary supplement for recolonizing flora in the intestines after extended antibiotic use. The LiveBac™ process provides high quality and viable strains. The organisms are carefully handled to become stable at room temperature, so refrigeration is not necessary and the product stays fresh and viable for longer than comparable refrigerated products.

*Nutra-Calm- $16 
Formulated to be safe, effective and non-habit forming. Addresses both muscle tension and pain. It is free of side effects and won’t cause a hangover effect like many over the counter & prescription drugs. Standardized herbs were used for increased potency and consistent results. Nutra-Calm is 5 formulas in one: muscle relaxant, pain reliever, emotional relaxant, sleeping aid and digestive tract calmative. (Do not take this product if you have aspirin sensitivity, depression, or if you are pregnant. Drug Interactions: Benzodiazepines and Barbiturates).

*Calm Atten-$27                         

Provides nutrients that promote the body’s ability to maintain calm, while supporting alertness, attention span, and active brain function.


RelaxAll is a natural based calmative formula that promotes relaxed muscles and soothes nerves.


*Alive-$33, 90 Capsules

Specifically formulated to support the mind and body during times of depression and stress. Provides nutrients commonly deficient with depression. Frequently used for mood elevation when you have "the blues."

*Leaky Gut-$27, 60 Capsules

Tiny leaks in the lining of the small intestine can play a role in diseases such as asthma, arthritis, and allergies. Improved circulation of nutrients, cooling the tissue (inflammation), and rapid repair of the tissue are important to those experiencing these symptoms.


*Cranberry Complex- $32  Cranberries have long been connected with a healthy urinary tract.
Vitamin B
*Neuro B6- $12 
The B vitamins and the minerals magnesium & potassium in Neuro B6 are essential for healthy and proper functioning nerve tissue, and facilitate nerve transmission. It was stated in the New England Journal of Medicine that people with higher homocysteine levels had substantially increased blockages of their carotid arteries. Homocysteine is recognized as an important indicator for atherosclerosis. Vitamins B12 and folic acid convert homocysteine into the amino acid methionine, and B6 converts it to cysteine. These B vitamins lower homocysteine levels. The nutrients in Neuro B6 play a major role in helping the body deal with stress. Stressful times deplete B vitamins and magnesium, causing deficiencies of these essential stress-fighting nutrients, leaving the body unprotected. The co-enzyme form of B6 in Neuro-B6 (Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate) is better absorbed and faster acting than other forms of B6. (Multiple benefits such as improved energy level, improved nerve function, reduced nerve pain, cardiovascular health and ability to cope with stress & anxiety).

*Stress-B Gluten-Free-$20 
A high-potency Vitamin B formula supplying the complete complex in a true balanced form. Formulas that are improperly balanced can lead to higher urinary excretion of certain B vitamins. Stress-B was designed based on this fragile balance. Formulated to provide a controlled and uniform release.

*Ginkgo B3- $20 
Ginkgo Biloba promotes cellular glucose uptake, and supports nerve signal transmission. Chromium supports the enzymes involved in the metabolism of glucose for energy and the synthesis of fatty acids & cholesterol. Ginkgo B3 provides a controlled and uniform release of ingredients over a four-hour period.
Vitamin C

*Vita C 500-$30                        

Provides 500 mg of the Vitamin C per tablet. Many feel that it is better to take Vitamin C along with its naturally occurring co-factors

*Chewable-C- $23 
A delicious tasting Vitamin C wafer that has a natural orange flavoring with lemon bioflavonoid complex. It contains no yeast, sugar, salt, starch, artificial coloring or flavors.
Vitamin D
*Dyna D3 with K2- $18 
Vitamins D3 and K2 work in synergy to promote healthy bone mineralization and blood vessels (helps prevent pathological vessel calcification) . The natural K2 menaquinone-7 form used in Dyna D3 w/K2 is the most bioavailable, longest lasting and bioactive form of vitamin K supplements. (Use D3 without K2 if you take blood thinners such as heparin or coumadin/warfarin).
*Dyna D3- $12 
Vitamin D3 helps maintain proper bone density levels. Today, three out of four Americans are deficient in vitamin D, up from one out of two 20 years ago. The body derives vitamin D from the diet or by synthesis from sun exposure. Supplements can be a safe source of the essential vitamin that allows for maintaining necessary levels without exposure to the sun.


Nutritional support for demineralization. Vitamin D is essential for growth, especially the normal growth and development for bones and teeth. Assists calcium and phosphorus absorption and utilization.

Weight Loss
*CarbAid- $35 
CarbAid™ helps promote digestion and metabolism of carbohydrates. This formula supports and nourishes the glands of the body that are responsible for normal insulin and blood sugar control, such as the adrenals, liver and pancreas. (Insulin resistance and pre-diabetes). (Do not take this product if you are pregnant. Blood glucose levels should be monitored by anyone concerned with blood sugar problems).
*Ultimate Fiber- $25 
All-natural fiber that expands to 50 times its size in the stomach. This fibrous material helps clean the intestinal tract, and attaches to cholesterol & triglycerides and flushes them out, helping promote lower cholesterol levels. Fiber also curbs the appetite and lengthens satiety time, thus supporting weight loss.


*Total Weight Off-$39                        

Designed to help maintain a healthy metabolic rate. Contains Chinese herbs that have been used for over 3000 years.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.
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